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Devolved RP

This is the main project page for the Devolved RP game mode. Right now it's sort of serving as a braindump for the developers.

Date of inception: May 30th , 2015.


  • saving/loading data on players
  • jobs
    • Given via NPCs or a billboard (anything but a GUI menu)
  • money/salary
  • GUI
  • chat commands/OOC
  • Entity buying/shops


  • gamemode/core/ - contains core stuff like mysql database connection, player saving/loading, metatable functions, etc
  • gamemode/plugins/ - subdirectories like “hud” with 3 possible files: init.lua cl_init.lua shared.lua (autoload)


  • How can we use NextBot?
    • Combine NPCs that will arrest someone when the AI detects an obvious crime
    • Citizen NPCs that add to the environment by walking around, chatting, etc.
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